#FuckMonday's Show

#FuckMonday’s at The Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA, a show that was lightly inspired by Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, and 80’s punk, turned into a relaxed Sunday-night bar show with two great rock bands and a folk interlude. 

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, you know?

The turn out wasn’t huge but the people that showed up were the good ones ~ while on stage, each band felt comfortable and supported by the room ~ which is the most important energy that an audience can give. The bartender was a sweetheart, she was English and her name was Sarah (please say hello if you meet her), she was so complimentary and treated all of the band-members really well. 

It was spectacular to see a group of people that hadn’t come to the show, who had been having dinner at the Plough and Stars, stay for an extra 2 1/2 hours to watch all of the performers shake their tails!

Many shout outs must be given for this show before I get to the incredible photos taken by one of my favorite live-music photographers in the area Maya Lassiter (@Mayalphotography)!


Montana Gulbrand for the most beautiful punk poster. This is my favorite of any one I’ve ever had and shooting with you was a dream. Jennifer Landi who saved my a** and lent me the whole outfit I'm wearing in the photo on the poster the day before the shoot. Russell Johnson for doing one hell of a job trying to convince Rick Walker’s to lend me a suave leather biker jacket for the show. (We made do just fine! <3) Alyssa Spector for being a kick-ass lady player in the Boston music scene. So grateful that you do the work you do with Lysten Boston! The Dingo Babies, Scott Johnson (of White Veins), & Haley Katrin band-members Mike Cordon and Jono Salas for your enthusiasm in helping me promote the show and for playing so SUPERBLY. 

much love from the studio,