A #PaisleyShow

Early fall has been a busy time at the studio! Over the last couple of months we booked, planned, promoted, and executed a beautiful show at Club Bohemia in Cambridge, MA featuring local Boston acts Madeline Rae, In Ivy, The Josie Lowder Band, and my band Haley Katrin.

The summer saw an opportune meeting with Joe Viglione, the promoter for both The Cantab Lounge and Club Bohemia. He invited In Ivy onto his show, Joe Vig’s Pop Explosion, and later introduced me to Mickey Bliss, the club’s booking agent, to whom I expressed my interest in putting together a bill. When I asked if I could play a Friday or a Saturday show he told me that if I did a good job with a Thursday slot I could book a Friday or Saturday night early in 2017. 

Filling up the bill was more difficult than I anticipated. My band, a little pop, funk, and rock, is loud but not loud enough to headline a bill with a handful of rock artists. I booked In Ivy first, knowing the sound and liking the music. And later I settled on the other two acts, a brilliant local jazz artist, Josie Lowder, and a good friend of mine, Madeline Rae, who hadn’t played out with her band but had recently sung me a few beautiful acoustic tunes while we shared a bottle of wine.

To promote the show my roommates and I hosted a ‘Paisley Potluck’. We hired a photographer Lillian Seibert (@lsphotography802) and body artist Rae Rice (www.walkingart.co). Everyone was gung-ho, and many agreed to have their bodies painted and their photo taken while enjoying some early 2000’s rock and a carbohydrate feast of spaghetti and potato salad!

The show itself was a success too! We had a great turn-out due to the combined efforts of Madeline Rae and Bradford Beard (In Ivy) who co-led the street and PR teams. They spread the paisley word and it was really a treat to see all of the performers paisley outfits alongside many well-dressed paisley audience members! Photos from the evening were taken by two wonderful local photographers Atileo Tedoldi (@itsatileotee) and Sinnia Brown (@mayalphotography) and the documentary filmography is courtesy of my multi-talented friend Shade Tramp (@shadetramp).