the studio


Pictured above is Vivi performing from Suzuki Violin Book 2 at the Haley Katrin Studios Fall Recital & Potluck. Pictured to the right is Alex performing 'Safer' from First Date the Musical. 


I began taking lessons at 3...

After watching the movie James and the Giant Peach as a little girl, I desperately wanted to learn to play the violin, the Gavotte and Rondeau from Bach's Partita No. 3. This was the beginning of a musical journey that has spanned until present and included classical violin, symphony orchestra, quartet, contemporary violin, fiddle-music and musical theater which brought me to voice. Transitioning to voice in my early teens, I trained in opera and musical theater before beginning to write my own songs and record them. I published an album of original music in 2013, have released several singles and perform frequently in the Boston area and my native Midwest. I am currently working on a second album.

I have been teaching for 6 years and I enjoy it very much. My students always bring me new music, and constantly challenge my musical perspectives. I teach several styles of both voice and violin, but my teaching philosophy as a whole is rooted in musicality, improvisation, and learning the techniques in order to achieve creative freedom.