Our Top 5 Blind Audition Picks Nights 1 and 2 on Season 14 of The Voice

1. Kyla Jade

Age 33 | Nashville, TN

With by far the best technical performance between both nights, Kyla Jade, is no stranger to the stage and she wowed with a powerful cover of Aretha Franklin’s “SeeSaw” (Watch the performance HERE).  Having sung background vocals for the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle, Jade’s adept phrasing and her perfect sense of contrast between voice parts make her the singer to beat this season. 

What will her challenge be? Taking her place at the front of the stage. She has sung background vocals for some powerhouse female vocalists and has said she is comfortable supporting them in the background. Can Blake help her gain the confidence to step up and claim the spotlight?

2. Pryor Baird

Age 35 | Nashville, TN

It isn’t hard to tell that Baird is comfortable on the stage and that he has been playing in a Nashville cover bands for years. His clean guitar licks and a naturally rough vocal tone set him apart and turned all four judges chairs during his performance of Ray Charles' "I Don't Need No Doctor" (Watch the performance HERE). His confidence and equal ability both as a singer and guitarist will give him a leg up in the competition and we can’t wait to hear what he'll sing next.

Challenges? The biggest question for Baird is whether he and coach Blake can step out of the rough and tumble country blues to deliver surprises. Part of this competition is demonstrating your development as an artist and keeping the audience guessing!

3. Drew Cole

 Age 25 | Los Angeles, CA

With about the style you’d expect of a male, singer-songwriter, in his mid-twenties living in Los Angeles, Cole’s vocal talent is anything but average. With a crisp tone that can be heard easily in the arrangement and a fearless falsetto he will be competitive this season. His confidence in his vocal style which he showcased in an all-his-own performance of Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy” (Watch the performance HERE) cemented him as one of the top artists in the competition. 

What will his challenge be? Vulnerability. Having cut his teeth in the Los Angeles bar-scene, Cole is tough and unafraid of a challenge, but will he and Adam be able to break down his walls so that he can deliver an emotionally vulnerable performance to the audience?

4. Jaclyn Lovey

Age 16 | Placerville, CA

This 16-year old brought her all to last night’s blind auditions, sailing through a beautiful rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Watch the performance HERE) without so much as a flicker of self-doubt. With gorgeous, fine-tuned phrasing and her baby-doll voice, Lovey is the picture of sweetness. Though don’t let her shimmery tone fool you, slow songs like this one are a challenge to sing and Lovey’s flawless, practiced performance demonstrates that she is a competitor who has come to win. 

What will her challenge be? Jaclyn is young and less experienced than some of the other artists this season. Will Alicia be able to help her develop her range so she can hold her own against the other singers in the competition? She has to have a big range in order to wow the audience performance after performance.

5. Britton Buchanan

Age 17 | Sanford, NC

It’s hard to be poised on the stage at 17 but Britton Buchanan is just that. Showcasing a rich, textured baritone with an emotive performance of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” (Watch the performance HERE) we’ll admit we are a bit smitten with this young man.

What will his challenge be? Range. This youngin' is also team Alicia and we can only hope that she is able to push him to a place where he can hold his own against the more experienced singers. 


Do you agree with our list? Let us know who you think is going to win this season in the comments below! 

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