Are you looking for an internship? Do you want to get real, hands on experience working for a boutique artist development company that you wouldn't get working for a larger firm? Apply today to work with us during the fall 2017 semester. 

We are all about creative promotional campaigns that minimize cost and maximize reach. Are you tired of organizing campaigns as schoolwork that aren't put to use? Apply for the Promo Internship with Haley Katrin Studios today to see if you have what it takes to put together a real DIY marketing campaign.  

Promo Intern



  • Must be have experience coordinating campaigns.
  • Must be proactive, organized and relentless. 
  • Must be adventurous!

Photography Intern

We often need creative, talented photographers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Photographers we love right now are Bryan Giardinelli & Allister Ann. Who do you love?


  • Must own or have access to camera equipment.
  • Must be excellent with Photoshop.
  • Must be patient and have high attention to detail.

Graphic Design Intern

We always need fantastic graphic designers to do logo work, create event posters, and navigate specs for merchandise. If you are interested in helping us to communicate our message visually we'd love for you to apply.


  • Must have own equipment.
  • Must be fluent with at least one professional graphic design software.
  • Must be amenable to change and work well with people.