Haley Katrin

For years growing up I took classical violin and voice lessons from various teachers. I was always looking for someone to open my horizons and teach me contemporary music, improvisation, and harmony. It wasn’t until I attended Berklee College of Music that my worldview changed and I began to develop into the musician that I wanted to become.

I strive to give my students the opportunity to explore their own musical interests whether it be modern musical theater, rap, classical music, songwriting, bluegrass fiddle, jazz improv, world music, or anything in between. I encourage my students’ intuition and encourage them to develop their individual musical identity. Who do you listen to? What genre is it? Can you identify the instruments, effects, rhythms, or melodies that define that sound? Which artists influenced that artist’s sound?

My purpose as a teacher is to use my background and network of resources to guide my students in answering these questions in a purposeful and fun way. Students who come to HKS don't want to be given a predetermined curriculum, they come to work with a teacher who can help facilitate the development of their unique musical identity.